Night Strike Infiltrators

Personal log 04/06/2030
Everything in our world has changed since the World War III. Colossal casualties, devastated continents and ruined ecosystem gave the opportunity to the most wealthy and powerful corporations to take away all the power and influence from the weakened governments. Now the most valuable resource in our world is information. Whoever owns information, owns the entire world, you know. I've become a member of Night Strike infiltrators and it would be my job to obtain some other people's secrets...

Greetings, agent!
Goal of each mission is simple - you have to steal top secret documents from secured area. You'll be rewarded with one upgrade point for each successful mission. However you can earn additional points for eliminating all hostile forces and finishing mission before time runs out.
Features of the game:
- 12+ missions of hardcore oldshool action;
- 2 bosses to test your skill;
- fast-paced gameplay;
- friendly fire (make those suckers kill each other);
- achievements and upgrades.



Left/Right Arrow - move
Shift - toggle run/walk mode
Up Arrow or Space - jump
Up/Down Arrow - climb ladders
Down Arrow - use
Z or X - shoot


A and D - move
R - toggle run/walk mode
W or Space - jump
W and S - climb ladders
S - use
J or K - shoot


D-pad left/D-pad right - move
X - toggle run/walk mode
A - jump
D-pad up/D-pad down - climb ladders
D-pad down - use
B - shoot

- it is not smart to attack enemies when they can see you;
- it is not necessary to complete all three mission goals simultaneously (but it'll be much cooler if you do :D);
- you're much faster than your opponents. Use this advantage;
- damaged barrels explode after small delay;
- enemies can kill each other;
- don't forget to upgrade your character.

Code - Volodymyr "Wolod" Yakubovych
Art - Volodymyr "Wolod" Yakubovych
Music - Volodymyr "Wolod" Yakubovych

Made specially for Construct 2030 Jam

Powered by Construct 2
Ukraine, L'viv, 2014

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1.2 - 08/07/19
- decreased player's momentum and falling speed to make controls more tight;
- few animation tweaks and small bug fixes;
- updated web audio compatibility;
- interface improvements.

1.1.3 - 28/04/17
- small bug fixes;
- interface improvements.

1.1.2 - 07/07/14
- added gamepad support.

1.1.1 - 17/06/14
- added ability for player to toggle between walking and running (R or Shift);
- increased climbing speed.

1.1 - 03/06/14
- added 6 new missions;
- added 2 new upgrades;
- added 1 new enemy (rocket turret);
- added 1 new boss;
- added 1 new achievement;
- lowered inertia of the player a bit to make movement smoother;
- darkened some HUD elements to make reload animation easier to see;
- rebalanced time goals;
- bunch of small fixes.

1.0 - 29/05/14
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