Join brave sir Lootalot on his epic quest in this little Zelda-lite adventure. Explore and fight your way through the dangerous dungeons filled with traps, puzzles and magical artifacts. And, of course, show the evil bosses who is the real boss here.

Knightin'+ is a classic adventure game made by one person (yep, it's me) inspired by the amazing masterpieces from 90s. So what can you expect from this game? Let's sum up.
- classic adventure gameplay (i.e. explore the dungeon, fight monsters, solve puzzles, collect loot, unlock new abilities, proceed to the next dungeon);
- tongue-in-cheek story (that shouldn't be taken seriously by any means);
- stylish pixel art graphics;
- catchy soundtrack;
- full controller support.



Arrows/WASD - Move
Space - Use/Open
Z/J - Sword (hold to charge)
X/K - Shield
C/L - Dash
V/I - Wand
R - Reset Puzzle


D-pad/Left Stick - Move
A - Use/Open
X/RT - Sword (hold to charge)
LT/LB - Shield
Y/RB - Dash
B - Wand
Back - Reset Puzzle

- you may return to any floor of the dungeon in case you missed anything;
- there are exactly enough keys to open each locked door (including the one from the shop);
- shopkeeper can be found on the each floor of the dungeon;
- hints are always located on the same floor as the corresponding puzzle;
- you might change language or adjust gameplay speed anytime via options submenu.

Game by Volodymyr "Wolod" Yakubovych

Additional graphics by Victoria Bekhovets'

Music by Håkon Dale

French translation by Thomas Bourez
Chinese translation by Yang Zhang
Italian translation by Fabio
Spanish translation by Lisandro Johnston
Polish translation by Kantal

Special thanks to:
Mykola "Nick Urs" Ursatiy
Tom Fulp
Salt & Pixel
Yuriy Shyshkin
Danylo Syrotynsky
Maxim Nuriev

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Muzt Die Studios, Ukraine, Lviv, 2019

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1.2.2 - 13/02/20
- wrong intro after overwriting save file bug fixed;
- all cutscenes are skippable now.

1.2.1 - 06/12/19
- code optimization (decreased CPU usage by 50%);
- fixed stuck spiked ball traps;
- fixed flickering mouse cursor;
- few tiny level design tweaks.

1.2 - 04/10/19
- completely reworked layout of the floor 1-1;
- lots of small level design improvements;
- added German and Japanese localizations;
- changed gamepad icon of the reset puzzle hint;
- added ability to enter cheats using gamepad;
- few tiny bug fixes.

1.1 - 09/08/19
- added multiple save slots;
- added customizable controls;
- added music and SFX volume levels instead of on/off switches;
- added Greek and Portuguese (Brasil) localizations;
- several dungeon music tracks were extended;
- reset puzzle hints are more noticable now;
- few level design tweaks and minor bug fixes.

1.0 - 26/07/19
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