Ivan Fukkoff

Invasion of alien brain parasites has begun, portal to hell was opened by the Doomsday cultists and another dark forces rampage through the New Sodom city. You're Ivan Fukkoff (I'm not swearing it's his surname :P) - the real badass with lots of guns and you'll make them all pay.

Ivan Fukkoff is a roguelike platformer. In this game you will cut your way through large amount of levels, upgrade your character through a simple role system, unlock and buy new weapons and hats! You also will contact with NPC's and earn medals. Game is roguelike, so every game session will be unique. Each time you'll be roaming on different maps, fight different monsters and bosses, meet different NPC's and so on.
- 25+ different maps full of loot and danger;
- 15 types of completely different monsters;
- 6 evil bosses to test your skills;
- 5 unique NPC's;
- 15 different weapons;
- 15 cool hats;
- 20 medals to unlock;
- 2 game modes (Normal and Hardcore);
- simple role-system;
- English and Russian languages;
- stylish retro pixel art graphics;
- great chiptune soundtrack by Oskar Hanberg (www.ozzed.net).

Left/Right Arrow - Walk
Down Arrow - Use/Talk/interact
A - Jump
Down Arrow + A - Fall through platforms
Q - Switch to pistol
E - Switch to primary gun
Esc - Pause/Level up menu

- you can carry only one primary gun and one pistol (and wear one hat);
- explosions hurt enemies and you as well;
- enemies can (and will) kill NPC;
- use friendly fire for your advantage;
- boss is waiting for you on every 5th level;
- each shop has different items in stock;
- every medal you earn unlocks new weapon or hat;
- if you're not pleased with your choice after level up, you'll be able to reset stats with the help of certain NPC;
- maximum player's level is 10;
- check options in main menu if you need to change language.

Code - Volodymyr "Wolod" Yakubovych
Art - Volodymyr "Wolod" Yakubovych
Comics - Victoria "Fidelis" Behovets'
Music - Oskar "Ozzed" Hanberg
Tester - Jose Chlamida

Thanks to Oskar Hanberg for his awesome free chiptune music! Thanks to Construct community for help and awesome plugins! And special thanks to my girlfriend Victoria for drawing cool comics and overall support!

Powered by Construct Classic (www.scirra.com)
Ukraine, L'viv, 2013

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1.2 - 13/07/13
- final boss save bug fixed;
- disappearing lifts bug fixed;
- fixed falling performance while using Beam Cannon;
- shots from Beam Cannon inflict damage to bosses now;
- stucking boomerangs bug fixed;
- increased damage of Flamethrower and Beam Cannon;
- decreased prices for favors of some NPC;
- changed some prices in the shop.

1.1 - 05/07/13
- minor AI fixes;
- corrected player-flashing effect;
- fixed ability to talk to NPC while using an elevator;
- improved Bouncing Gun;
- changed some prices in the shop;
- changed reward for "Triple Penetration" medal;
- bunch of minor (not only) spelling fixes;
- added 3 new guns (Revolver, Spread Laser, Beam Cannon);
- added 3 new hats (Santa's Hat, Fez, BDSM Mask);
- added 1 new NPC (Gun Merchant);
- added 5 new maps.

1.0 - 20/06/13
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