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26/05/22: New logo

I really liked my old logo. It had a huge sentimental value to me. But we all need to move forward one day.

15/03/22: Ukrainian Indie Games Bundle

Hello everyone!
I hope that you and your loved ones feel safe. Because me and other Ukrainians don't. You probably know that there is a war in my homeland.
I was invited to take part in the Ukrainian Indie Games Bundle. This is a bundle of 10 games from 10 Ukrainian developers. Some of them are safe now. Some left their homes and moved to another city. Others are refugees now. But there is no one who wasn't affected by this war. Therefore, all profits from this bundle will go directly to the developers (with the exception of Steam cut).
Most of the developers have already reported that the profits will be directed to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, humanitarian and volunteer organizations. Here, for example, you can get acquainted with ways to help Ukraine. In particular, I donate directly to the Come Back Alive Foundation.
Glory to Ukraine!

07/03/22: WAR

It's been a while since I posted anything here. I hadn't much to say tbh...
But I can't stay silent while Russia commits war crimes in my country. Their soldiers butcher innocent people following orders of the mad dictator. The civilized world should help us to stop Russian aggression before it's too late.
Thanks to everyone who stands with Ukraine! We'll never forget your kindness and courage.
Glory to Ukraine!

20/09/21: Instant justice

Justice has been served again! And very fast this time. Dark Temple V is removed from Microsoft store.
And yet again I want to thank all the people who helped me to spread the word and report this blatant piracy. You all are breathtaking!
Finally I want to remind that original Nymphiad is absolutely free and is available on this website.

20/09/21: Nymphiad was stolen!

Hello friends. It happened again...
One kind and vigilant person sent me an email today. Inside there was a link to the game called Dark Temple V. And, yes you've guessed it right, it's my Nymphiad but published under another name. Scammers simply took my game and slapped another name on it.
So I filled the DMCA form and wait for the support response. It took them 5 days to remove stolen Knightin' from their store. Let's see how fast they will act this time.
I want to thank all great people out there who notice these things and notify devs like me. You all are awesome! And of course thank YOU for reading!

10/02/21: Knightin'+ - mobile release!

So it finally happened... For the first time my game gets a mobile release! With the help of Crescent Moon Games Knightin'+ is available on Android and iOS now.
Don't miss a chance to explore some dungeons on the go.

26/11/20: Justice has been served!

Justice has been served! It seems that Dungeon Adventure was removed from the Microsoft store yesterday. Strange that I didn't get any notification from Microsoft...
Anyway I want to thank all the people who helped me to spread the word and report this blatant piracy. You all are awesome!
PS: also Knightin'+ is 45% off on Steam and GOG at the moment. Black Friday sale, you know :)

19/11/20: Knightin' was stolen!

Hey! Long time no see. Hope that you're all are doing well.
One scumbag has stolen the original jam version of Knightin' and published it under the name of Dungeon Adventure in the Microsoft store...
I'm really shocked right now. Please help to spread the word. You can also report the fraud at the bottom of their store page. Any help is really appreciated!

04/07/20: Knightin'+ Steam trading cards

It's been almost a year since the initial release. And finally this time has come! Knightin'+ has it's own set of trading cards now. And that means badges, emotes and other goodies for you :)
The last year was very intense for me. I want to thank you all for all the awesome feedback and support. You really helped to make this game better and motivated me to keep making even more fun games.
Thanks for the attention and stay healthy!

24/02/20: Knightin'+ is released on GOG and consoles

The title is pretty self-explanatory :)
I released Knightin'+ on GOG for all DRM-free fans (me included) out there. And thanks to the Ratalaika Games Knightin'+ is now available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita (there is even physical edition for this good old console).
Choose your favorite platform and go explore some dungeons!

13/02/20: Knightin'+ v.1.2.2 - fixing cutscenes

Hey everyone! So here is an another little patch.
Thanks to the vigilant players I realized that game runs a final cutscene whenever you try to start a new game in the previously occupied slot. As you might've already guessed this bug is fixed now.
Also you were able to skip only the intro cutscene. It would be quite convenient to skip any especially if it's not your first playthrough. I couldn't ignore this request. Besides it was not a big deal to implement. So now you can skip any cutscene. Press any button and the skip notification will appear, press any button again to confirm. I didn't want anybody to skip the cutscene accidentally hehe.
Thanks for reading!

31/12/19: Happy New Year!

2019 is almost over. And what a year it was! Now when Knightin'+ is finished I can finally promise to finish a couple of great games next year. Best wishes from me and sir Lootalot. Happy New Year!

06/12/19: Knightin'+ - new box art and update v.1.2.1

Hello everyone!
My big thanks to the great publisher Ratalaika Games who kindly provided me with a brand new beautiful box art.
But that's not all! I spent a couple of days with my trusty debugger and managed to decrease the CPU usage by whopping 50%! That's what patch 1.2.1 is about. So now you can enjoy adventures of sir Lootalot even on an old crappy laptop you found in your grandma's closet.
Thanks for reading!

25/11/19: DevGAMM Minsk

Hi! Long time no see. Well, you should have got used to my irregular posting schedule already :)
So I'm back from DevGAMM Minsk. I met a ton of cool and talented people and won a small prize in a quest. But the most important thing is that Knightin'+ was approved for the showcase and I spent the last Friday next to this little table where anyone had the opportunity to explore some dungeons and give me some feedback in person.
It was an interesting yet exhausting experience. And now I can get back to the development of my next game. See you later!

21/10/19: GIC - Big PC Indie Pitch

Hello friends!
Finally I've returned from Game Industry Conference (thanks GTP Indie Cup for prize tickets). I participated in Big PC Indie Pitch, where I was explaining to various publishers why Knightin'+ is a good game in speed dating format. It was a very interesting experience and I managed to take 3rd place!
So here is my story. Next stop is DevGAMM in Minsk ;)

06/10/19: Hershey teaser trailer

Hey everyone!
In case you missed the previous announcement I want to remind about my collaboration with Salt & Pixel. We have teamed up to work on a game called Hershey, a platforming beat'em up.
So we're finally ready to start working on this project. You can follow the development of Hershey on GameJolt. More news are coming soon. And meanwhile here is a teaser.

04/10/19: Knightin'+ v.1.2 - level design and more localizations

More than a month passed since the last update. So I had more than enough time to watch lots of videos and streams about Knightin'+. Guess that any game developer likes to watch somebody playing his or her game. Besides having fun, it's a great way to gather feedback. Do you see where this is going?
Right, it's time to announce new update 1.2! Besides lots of tiny tweaks, fixes, improvements and even an ability to enter cheat codes with a gamepad there are 2 things that I want to tell about.
First of all I noticed that people have troubles on several floors because of the level design flaws. Lots of changes were made but only 2 major ones deserve to be told about in detail.
Floor 1-1 was designed in a way that player was able to find a puzzle room before finding the solution. I thought that it will stimulate players to explore the whole floor, but they seem to be more eager to just brute-force the solution. Oh well, who could have thought? So sarcasm aside, I changed the layout of floor 1-1 in a way that player won't be able to find a puzzle before the solution. And you know what? I'm pretty satisfied with the result.
Floor 2-1 had a room with lots of bear traps and a checkpoint that confused lots of people. They thought that it's impossible to walk around the traps. Yep, the ability to walk behind the columns is not very obvious because of the distorted perspective. So I changed the layout of this room too. It won't confuse anybody ever. Muhaha!
Also players with gamepads kept missing the reset puzzle control hints. After a little research I realized that they didn't recognize the icon of the Select button. That's why icon was changed to look like the one on Xbox controller because it's the most common one. Yes, it's a tiny change that probably doesn't deserve to be mentioned here. But, man, I had to load this weight off my mind!
And here are some good news for German and Japanese people. Yep, Knightin'+ was translated to your languages, guys!
Well, I don't have much more to say. Hope that you'll enjoy the new update. Just trying my best to make Knightin'+ a better experience for all of us. Keep being awesome and have a nice play!

17/08/19: Knightin'+ official soundtrack

Did you enjoy the Knightin'+ soundtrack? Of course you did!
That catchy chiptune music was created by Håkon Dale. Follow this talented musician on SoundCloud. He deserves much more attention.
Also you can grab the OST on BandCamp or Steam.
See you soon and stay groovy!

15/08/19: Knightin'+ and GTP Indie Cup

Knightin'+ won in the "Critics' Choice" nomination on GTP Indie Cup!
I won tickets to Game Industry Conference in Poznan and to DevGAMM in Minsk. So if somebody of you are planning to visit these events find me there. It would be to cool to hang out together and chat about games.

10/08/19: Knightin'+ v.1.1 - demanded features and more!

Hey there!
It's been 2 weeks since the release and I've received a lot of valuable feedback already. Seems that lots of people crave for the same features and I couldn't ignore those requests. But let's cut to the chase. Shall we?
Lo and behold the magnificent update 1.1!
Remember those features mentioned earlier. Here is the list:
- multiple save slots
- customizable controls
- music and SFX volume levels instead of on/off switches

All these features are available now alongside with some minor improvements. But that's not all!
People tend not to notice reset puzzle control hints. So now they start flashing after at least one block was moved. Hope this will solve this problem.
Also I noticed that some people say that music in dungeons is somewhat repetitive. Håkon Dale, a talented Norwegian composer who created all music for Knightin'+, is extending the dungeon tracks at the moment. Music will be updated in a day or two.
And last but not least. Thanks to the volunteers GeopJr and Stallker adventures of sir Lootalot are localized to Greek and Portuguese (Brasil) languages!
Thanks for your feedback, guys! It helps Knightin'+ to become a better experience for all of us. Keep being awesome and have a nice play!

07/08/19: Knightin'+ - fan art contest winners and game of the month nomination!

Knightin'+ fan art contest winners were announced on Newgrounds! I want to thank everyone who participated. And congrats to the winners of course!
And one more thing. Demo of Knightin'+ has won the 2nd place in the Best Game of the Month nomination on Newgrounds! I think that it's very cool considering all the other awesome games that people keep uploading there.
That's all the news at the moment. See you soon!

26/07/19: Knightin'+ release!

Hello guys, hope you're doing great!
Today is a very important day for me. After more than a year of a hard work I can finally say that Knightin'+ is ready for the release!
Thank you very much for all your support and valuable feedback. I wouldn't be able to turn that tiny jam entry into a full game without it.
I'm going to smash that big fat green publish button in a few seconds. Wish me good luck!

22/07/19: Knightin'+ - fan art contest!

What's up everybody? Wolod here!
Tom Fulp kindly agreed to host Knightin'+ fan art contest on Newgrounds. 10 best entries will be rewarded with the Steam keys! Pixel art, modern graphics or even clay figures are all welcome.
To participate in the contest and upload your fan art to the Art Portal by August 4th at 11:59PM EST. Use the tag Knightin so I won't miss it.
PS: Knightin'+ will be released this week. Consider adding it to your wishlist and try a free demo if you haven't already.

10/07/19: Knightin'+ demo and a whole ton of updates!

Hi there!
I'm very proud to publish demo of Knightin'+ and really hope that you guys will like it! Please consider adding Knightin'+ to your wishlist and spread the word if you've enjoyed the demo and like to support me making even more fun games.
Also in order to celebrate this little release I've updated the original Knightin' to v.1.3 so it's a good time to check it out if you've never played it before. But that's not all! I also updated lots of my older games: Minute of Rage, 1985, Night Strike Infiltrators, Intel Was Wrong, Rain of Blobs and One Fine Day. But most important that alternate ending I was promising since the release of It Needs Care is now available. You can find detailed change logs on the pages of the corresponding games in the version history section. Hope you'll enjoy those updates!
Going to make new announcement soon. Stay tuned and thanks for you attention!

28/06/19: Knightin'+ - trailer and more news

Hey guys! I'm finally back!
During the last few months I was preparing for the Knightin'+ release: kept polishing the game, held a closed beta test, recorded a trailer, etc. In other words I was very busy doing different boring stuff. But the most important thing is that I united forces with the very talented Norwegian musician Håkon Dale. He is finishing soundtrack at the moment and I can guarantee that chiptune fans won't be disappointed.
I also finally decided on the release date. Approximately around the 20th of July everyone will be able to explore dangerous dungeons alongside the brave little knight.
You can already add the game to your wishlist. Free demo will be available next week And in the meantime, I suggest you watch the trailer.

14/04/19: Muzt Die Studios joins forces with Salt & Pixel!

I'm proud to announce that Muzt Die Studios is partnering with Salt & Pixel on an exciting little project: Hershey, a 2D platforming, beat'em up.
And here's the little teaser specially for you.

11/03/19: Knightin'+ release date and Knightin' update v.1.3

The time has come! Finally I know when the release date of Knightin'+! This thrilling zelda-lite adventure will (hopefully) be available in April 2019. You may expect trailer and links to the stores really soon.
I also used various improvements from Knightin+ to update the original game. I bet that you'll love it!
- added mouse support;
- added fullscreen mode for browser version;
- added funnel effect to doors;
- added animated description of the amulet in shop and decreased its price;
- added additional exit to the key room on the second floor;
- active room is now highlighted on minimap;
- slightly increased gold drop chance;
- few minor level design tweaks and UI improvements.

20/02/19: Nymphiad v.1.1

After the 2 little patches Nymphiad is updated to v.1.1! So what has changed since v.1.0?
- fixed getting stuck in falling objects bug;
- added alternative run and push/pull buttons;
- added always run option;
- fixed level design flaw on level 15.
Hope you’re having fun playing Nymphiad.

15/02/19: Nymphiad - Pixel Day 2019 1st place!

Winners of the Pixel Day 2019 have been announced today! Nymphiad took the 1st place! You can't imagine how happy I'm right now. And I'm really proud that I managed to win in this event 2 years in a row.
Special thanks to Tom Fulp, RealFaction, moawling and PhantomArcade who made this celebration of pixel art aesthetics possible.
And since you're reading this how about to spend some time solving puzzles?

22/01/19: Nymphiad release!

Hi, everyone!
Me and my girlfriend Victoria have finished our entry for Pixel Day 2019 on Newgrounds!
Nymphiad is a story about little cicada nymph that seeks the way out of the underground mazes beneath a cursed temple. This game is a puzzle-platformer with a unique twist - each camera movement shifts the world itself. You'll understand what I mean as soon as you beat the couple of levels.
I'll be waiting for the contest results. Meanwhile you might try Nymphiad out. Hope you'll like it.

18/03/18: Knightin'+ and future plans

Hi! Today I want to tell you about some decisions I've made in the last few days.
Frankly, I didn't expect that Knightin' will be become so popular. And that's great! So I decided to start working on an extended version or sequel (call it whatever you like). I guess that Knightin'+ will be ready for the release in around 7-9 months. But it might take longer, who knows?
Unfortunately I won't have enough time to work on two big games simultaneously. Don't worry I'm not abandoning NSI: Operation Zero but its development is temporarily suspended until the release of Knightin'+. On the other hand that doesn't mean that I won't participate in different jams. So you can expect new small free games from me during this period.
Thanks for your attention!

03/02/18: Knightin' update v.1.2

Hey! I've got some good news. Due to the useful feedback and bug reports Knightin' was updated to version 1.2! Critical bug fixes and other stuff you needed or asked about. It's all here now. Enjoy.
- fixed incorrect room transition bug;
- added option to disable autosave between floors;
- added minor healing effect on checkpoints and after respawn at the floor entrance if player is low on health;
- code optimization.

30/01/18: Knightin' - Pixel Day 2018 1st place and update v.1.1

Knightin' has won 1st place in Pixel Day 2018 on Newgrounds! I want to thank Tom Fulp and RealFaction for this amazing event. You guys are the best!
I also updated game to v.1.1 today.
- increased speed of player, enemies and projectiles by 15-20%;
- improved dash ability;
- added additional sound effect for stairs;
- fixed healing drops stuck inside the walls;
- few tiny bug fixes.
Have fun and see you soon!

28/01/18: Knightin' - Release on various websites and update to v.1.0.1

Knightin' is now also available on Game Jolt and!
I also noticed that shield sometimes doesn't work as it was supposed to. So I fixed it in a small update.
Have fun!

26/01/18: Knightin' v.1.0

I was gathering feedback for the last few days. And as a result I updated Knightin' to v.1.0. What has changed? Let's see.
Lots of people disliked that puzzle hints were hidden inside the QR codes. So I added alternative hints if you don't have (or don't wish to install) QR code scanner on your phone.
Also I added Russian and Ukrainian localization. You can change language in the options menu.
Finally, I have fixed few little bugs that annoyed me for a while. Balance was tweaked a bit.
Enjoy the game and until next time, farewell.

23/01/18: Knightin' release!

Hi, everyone!
I've finished my entry for Pixel Day 2018 on Newgrounds!
Knightin' is a little zelda-like adventure. Explore dungeon, fight monsters and solve puzzles. You love this kind of stuff, I know.
Hope you'll enjoy the game. See you soon.

02/12/17: Indie of the Year

Indie of the Year awards are held on Indie DB. Hmm? NSI: Operation Zero is not finished yet... Cuphead was released this year too... Well... The most important thing is not to win but to take part, right?
Thanks for all your support!

26/10/17: Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest - now available on Mac!

Hello, friends!
We're proud to announce that Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest is now available on Mac.
Also there are only few days left till Halloween. How can we celebrate this event? With the generous 66% discount of course! Don't miss the opportunity to dive into a weird and humorous adventure.
We hope that you have fun playing our game. Thanks for your attention.
PS: free demo version is also available.

17/07/17: Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest - new patch and 50% off!

Hello, friends!
We're proud to present a new patch for Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest! So what have changed you might ask? Here you go:
- completely rebalanced nyctomancer's skills;
- fixed reward in the "It's Alive!" quest;
- and as always bunch of minor bug fixes and spelling corrections.
Also if you're reading this but still don't own a copy of the game - rejoice! You might buy it right now with a generous 50% discount! Don't hesitate: all that weird quests won't complete themselves.
Hope you'll enjoy the update and thanks for playing!
PS: free demo version is also available.

23/05/17: NSI: Operation Zero successfully greenlit!

NSI: Operation Zero has been successfully greenlit! Now I just need to finish developing it. Hope you'll enjoy it after the release and thank you all for your support!

28/04/17: NSI: Operation Zero needs your support on Steam Greenlight

Hello, my fellow gamers!
Three years have passed since I released award-winning Night Strike Infiltrators. And few months ago I decided to create a sequel to it. I published this new game (called NSI: Operation Zero by the way) on Steam Greenlight today.
Now I need your support, friends. If you enjoy my games, if you like things I do help me please. If you like NSI: Operation Zero feel free to vote for it. Or spread the word among your friends at least. Any help will be very appreciated.
PS: In honor of this event I updated the original Night Strike Infiltrators too. Enjoy!

22/02/17: 1985 v.1.2.1

Did you notice that gunners aren't shooting at you unless you're very close to them? That wasn't intended to be so. So here's the small update for 1985. Enjoy!
- increased shooting range for gunner enemies;
- adjusted positioning in the final cutscene.

26/01/17: Minute of Rage - Pixel Day 2017 3rd place and update v.1.0.2

Greetings to you all! Minute of Rage has won 3rd place in Pixel Day 2017! I want to thank Tom Fulp and RealFaction for this amazing event. I'll definitely participate again next year.
Also I've released update v.1.0.2 today. Few bugs were fixed and new control scheme was added.
- added gamepad stick controls;
- fixed window size adjustment in desktop version;
- fixed minor bug with item positions.

23/01/17: Minute of Rage v.1.0.1

Hi, guys! It appeared that there was a possibility to equip locked items in the Minute of Rage. I fixed that bug. Secrets have to be unlocked fair, right?
Have fun playing Minute of Rage! See you in the leaderboards!

21/01/17: Minute of Rage release!

I made a new game for the Pixel Day 2017 on Newgrounds. It is called Minute of Rage.
So what's the game about? Well, you're dead and you're in hell. Is it possible to escape and save your immortal soul? Try to survive one minute on the deadly arena of suffering and find out.

17/01/17: Site improvement - grand redesign

More than 3 years have passed since I launched this site. The time has come for some big changes. So I'm proud to present the new site design: much more modern, convenient and user-friendly.
PS: have you noticed that news feed is now divided into convenient pages? This feature is powered by Jquery Pagination.

22/12/16: Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest - winter update!

Seasons don't actually change in the world of nords. But somehow weird snowmen appeared near various settlements all over the northern realm. What is their purpose? It's up to you to discover. Also we've fixed a bunch of small bugs and corrected some typos.
Have fun playing Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest and happy holidays to you all!
- added special winter NPC;
- bunch of minor bug fixes and spelling corrections.

03/12/16: Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest - full release!

Good news, everyone! Finally this day has come! Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest came out of early access at last! I alongside with the Dragon's Games team worked very hard to bring this release to you. And of course we hope that you'll enjoy playing our game as much as we enjoyed creating it.
Features of the full release:
- a whole brand new Act 3 (including the most epic boss fight you've ever seen);
- a bunch of new side quests to complete;
- lots of new locations to explore;
- full support of Steam overlay (Steam achievements included);
- and of course all the bugs that were found during the early access are fixed.

28/10/16: Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest - Halloween update!

It's Halloween time! The best time to have fun with the pumpkins! Weird pumpkin-like creatures were spotted near towns of nords. Who are they? What is their intent? You can try to ask them yourself. But remember: talking to strangers might be dangerous. Even if you try to talk to a pumpkin.
- added special Halloween NPC;
- few bug fixes and balance tweaks.

25/08/16: Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest - early access release!

Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest is finally available on Steam! Keep in mind that it's an early access release, so let me know if you'll encounter any bugs.
So what's this game is about? Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest is an old-school parody role-playing game. Prepare to explore a vast fantasy world, complete dozens of weird and zany quests, fight dangerous foes, loot every chest that you'll stumble upon to and even talk to animals, while looking for a cucumber that your wife asked you to bring. Maybe you'll even get the opportunity to save the world. Who knows?
Game features:
- 9 playable character classes, each with it's own possibilities;
- mysterious fantasy world to explore;
- strange NPC's and lots of quests;
- more than 100 unique artifacts and equipment;
- dynamic battle system;
- weird monsters and mighty bosses to fight.
PS: free demo version is also available.

19/08/16: Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest official trailer

Hi, everyone! Trailer for the project on which I was working for the last two years was created today. What does it mean? Steam release is coming really soon!

29/06/16: 1985 v.1.2 - desktop version!

Hi, everyone! 1985 is updated to v.1.2. Also few gamers asked me about a standalone version of 1985 recently. So I made a desktop version (for Windows, Mac and Linux). Enjoy!
- few interface changes;
- added fullscreen option (desktop only);
- minor tweaks and fixes.

11/05/16: 1985 v.1.1 - post-jam update!

Due to the players' feedback I created the post-jam version of 1985. The most frequently asked features were: a map and a bigger frame. Well... Here you go!
- increased game resolution from 64x64 to 170x96;
- added minimap;
- adjusted jump strength of tall character;
- few small bug fixes.

17/04/16: 1985 release!

Hi, everyone! I entered Lowrez Jam 2016 on with a metroidvania tribute to Super Mario Bros called 1985. Hope you'll enjoy it.

10/07/15: Construct Deception Jam results

It Needs Care has won 5th place on Construct Deception Jam! Thanks everyone for support and feedback! I'll definitely release a post-jam update with alternate ending in the future.

26/06/15: It Needs Care release!

Hi, everyone! Me and my girlfriend created a game for the Construct Deception Jam. It is called It Needs Care.
Few words about the game: you were chosen to test a new virtual pet toy from "Ikura" corporation. They claim that their tamagotchi-like toy is the new word in the entertainment industry. So now you're raising your new pet. It's cool to make new friends, isn't it?
I'll be glad if you'll take a look at it and it would be great if you'll like it!

24/11/2014: Spacebenders release!

I finished my game, called Spacebenders, for Indies VS PewDiePie Jam. It was developed in just 3 days. I'll update and upgrade it in the future eventually. Check it out!
Spacebenders is a 2D shooter in which you have to fold time and space to defeat your opponents. Without having the ability to inflict direct damage to your enemy, swap with him using your trusty SWAPGUN until one of you will make a mistake.
PS: if you like Spacebenders, feel free to vote for it on it's jam page.

22/09/14: Intel Was Wrong v.1.4 - new stable build!

Today was released update v.1.4 for Intel Was Wrong. Major bugs with inventory and combat systems along with bunch of small ones were fixed. Code was optimized greatly, so the game must work much more smoother now. I hope you'll like it!
- fixed bug with inventory;
- fixed bug with combat initialization;
- code optimization;
- lots of small changes and fixes.

30/08/14: One Fine Day v.1.2.1

Hi, guys! Today I've created new update for One Fine Day. Gamepad and touch support and much more awaits!
- code optimization;
- fixed bug with gravity beams;
- redesigned some interface elements;
- added gamepad and touchscreen support.

25/08/14: Rain of Blobs v.1.1 - major update!

Hi, everyone! Rain of Blobs was created last year in a day and frankly speaking it wasn't very good game. To be honest this little project was a shameful burden for me xD
That's why I've promised myself that one day I'll change it for good. So this day has come! I won't be ashamed for this game anymore ;)
First of all I've optimized the code, so now there won't be any lags in dynamical scenes. And I've completely redrawn in-game graphics. I hope you'll like it.
- complete graphics redesign;
- code optimization.

07/07/14: Night Strike Infiltrators - Construct 2030 Jam 1st place and and update v.1.1.2

Night Strike Infiltrators has won 1st place on Construct 2030 Jam! It's a big honor for me. I want to thank Scirra along with Newgrounds staff and Tom Fulp personally for this cool contest!
As Tom suggested I've added gamepad support to Night Strike Infiltrators with this small update. Have fun!
- added gamepad support.

17/06/14: Night Strike Infiltrators v.1.1.1

Due to players' feedback I've created this small update today. If you thought that player was running too fast you can turn on walking mode! If you thought that player was climbing too slow on ladders you'll be pleased too!
Have fun playing Night Strike Infiltrators!
- added ability for player to toggle between walking and running (R or Shift);
- increased climbing speed.

03/06/14: Night Strike Infiltrators v.1.1

Greeting to all agents here!
I'm glad to announce that new missions and lots of another stuff is available for you now.
- added 6 new missions;
- added 2 new upgrades;
- added 1 new enemy (rocket turret);
- added 1 new boss;
- added 1 new achievement;
- lowered inertia of the player a bit to make movement smoother;
- darkened some HUD elements to make reload animation easier to see;
- rebalanced time goals;
- bunch of small fixes.

29/05/14: Night Strike Infiltrators release!

My project for Construct 2030 Jam, called Night Strike Infiltrators, was released today. It is a fast-paced platform shooter that features: 12 missions of oldschool arcade action, 2 bosses to test your skill, upgrades and achievements. Hope you'll like it.

25/03/14: Intel Was Wrong v.1.3

Version 1.2 released - new update with bug fixes and balance tweaking!
- fixed bug with incorrect starting combat;
- fixed bug with recharging shield;
- completely redesigned ground and space combat;
- added indicator for player's HP on combat screen;
- enemy spaceships' hull capacity reduced by 25%;
- added more detailed controls description.

23/03/14: Intel Was Wrong v.1.2

Version 1.2 released - new update with level up system and more!
- added level-up system with starting bonuses (accessible from "extras" section of main menu);
- added happy end;
- added new event icons;
- added inventory slots highlights;
- fixed bug with swaping items;
- fixed bug with disappearing items;
- redesigned background;
- minor bug fixes and balance tweaks.

19/03/14: Intel Was Wrong v.1.1

Version 1.1 released - major update with tons of new possibilities!
- added tons of new equipment (including planet analyzers!);
- added special items that help to make friends or blackmail aliens;
- added combat rewards;
- added possibility to avoid insta-kill events with certain items;
- the possibility of insta-kill events is reduced by 30%;
- negative effect from "Gravitation Well" effect was nerfed;
- improved space combat balance and AI;
- fixed bug with combat music delay;
- changed old ugly icons for inventory slots and items;
- and, of course, minor bug fixes and balance tweaks.

15/03/14: Procedural Death Jam and Intel Was Wrong

Procedural Death Jam in which I was participating is coming to an end. My PDJ entry is called Intel Was Wrong.
Features of the game:
- procedural generated galaxy map (including planetary systems around each star);
- lots of random events sometimes good and sometimes bad;
- funny aliens;
- space and ground combat;
- loot collecting;
- permadeath (and lots of ways to die including exploding stars!).
There were much more ideas but unfortunately there wasn't much time :P Eventually if people would like this game I'll keep updating it frequently adding new features or changing old ones (due to the players' feedback).
I hope that you'll like it.

29/11/13: One Fine Day v.1.2

One Fine Day is updated to version 1.2! This is a major update with new levels you were waiting for!
- added 10 new levels;
- new type of enemy - Ancient Giant;
- new threat - Eclipse;
- added loading bar on start screen;
- blue fireflies were resized;
- bunch of minor bugs fixed.

30/10/13: Site improvement - rating system

Do you like to rate the games you've played? You can rate any game on the site from now on! Don't hesitate and tell everyone which of my games is pure 1337!
PS: this feature is powered by Rating-Widget.

29/10/13: Site improvement - comments

Site is improving as I've promised. You have the ability to comment your favourite games from now on! Rating system is coming next.
PS: this feature is powered by HTML Comment Box.

28/10/13: Hello World!

Finally this day has come and Muzt Die Studios owns it's own website! Here you'll be able to find all information about my games, download (if game is for the desktop systems) or play them right in your browser!
This is my first website and it will improve as well as my games do. So, in the nearby future I'm going to add rating system and comments.
Good luck and have fun!
PS: screenshot gallery feature is powered by LightGallery. Social network integration is powered by Share42.