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22/09/14: Intel Was Wrong v.1.4 - new stable build!

Today was released update v.1.4 for Intel Was Wrong. Major bugs with inventory and combat systems along with bunch of small ones were fixed. Code was optimized greatly, so the game must work much more smoother now. I hope you'll like it!
- fixed bug with inventory;
- fixed bug with combat initialization;
- code optimization;
- lots of small changes and fixes.

30/08/14: One Fine Day v.1.21

Hi, guys! Today I've created new update for One Fine Day. Gamepad and touch support and much more awaits!
- code optimization;
- fixed bug with gravity beams;
- redesigned some interface elements;
- added gamepad and touchscreen support.

25/08/14: Rain of Blobs v.1.1 - major update!

Hi, everyone! Rain of Blobs was created last year in a day and frankly speaking it wasn't very good game. To be honest this little project was a shameful burden for me xD
That's why I've promised myself that one day I'll change it for good. So this day has come! I won't be ashamed for this game anymore ;)
First of all I've optimized the code, so now there won't be any lags in dynamical scenes. And I've completely redrawn in-game graphics. I hope you'll like it.
- complete graphics redesign;
- code optimization.

07/07/14: Night Strike Infiltrators: Construct 2030 Jam 1st place and and update v.1.12

Night Strike Infiltrators has won 1st place on Construct 2030 Jam! It's a big honor for me. I want to thank Scirra along with Newgrounds staff and Tom Fulp personally for this cool contest!
As Tom suggested I've added gamepad support to Night Strike Infiltrators with this small update. Have fun!
- added gamepad support.

17/06/14: Night Strike Infiltrators v.1.11

Due to players' feedback I've created this small update today. If you thought that player was running too fast you can turn on walking mode! If you thought that player was climbing too slow on ladders you'll be pleased too!
Have fun playing Night Strike Infiltrators!
- added ability for player to toggle between walking and running (R or Shift);
- increased climbing speed.

03/06/14: Night Strike Infiltrators v.1.1

Greeting to all agents here!
I'm glad to announce that new missions and lots of another stuff is available for you now.
- added 6 new missions;
- added 2 new upgrades;
- added 1 new enemy (rocket turret);
- added 1 new boss;
- added 1 new achievement;
- lowered inertia of the player a bit to make movement smoother;
- darkened some HUD elements to make reload animation easier to see;
- rebalanced time goals;
- bunch of small fixes.

29/05/14: Night Strike Infiltrators release!

My project for Construct 2030 Jam called Night Strike Infiltrators was released today. It is a fast-paced platform shooter that features: 12 missions of oldschool arcade action, 2 bosses to test your skill, upgrades and achievements. Hope you'll like it.

25/03/14: Intel Was Wrong v.1.3

Version 1.2 released - new update with bug fixes and balance tweaking!
- fixed bug with incorrect starting combat;
- fixed bug with recharging shield;
- completely redesigned ground and space combat;
- added indicator for player's HP on combat screen;
- enemy spaceships' hull capacity reduced by 25%;
- added more detailed controls description.

23/03/14: Intel Was Wrong v.1.2

Version 1.2 released - new update with level up system and more!
- added level-up system with starting bonuses (accessible from "extras" section of main menu);
- added happy end;
- added new event icons;
- added inventory slots highlights;
- fixed bug with swaping items;
- fixed bug with disappearing items;
- redesigned background;
- minor bug fixes and balance tweaks.

19/03/14: Intel Was Wrong v.1.1

Version 1.1 released - major update with tons of new possibilities!
- added tons of new equipment (including planet analyzers!);
- added special items that help to make friends or blackmail aliens;
- added combat rewards;
- added possibility to avoid insta-kill events with certain items;
- the possibility of insta-kill events is reduced by 30%;
- negative effect from "Gravitation Well" effect waas nerfed;
- improved space combat balance and AI;
- fixed bug with combat music delay;
- changed old ugly icons for inventory slots and items;
- and, of course, minor bug fixes and balance tweaks.

15/03/14: Procedural Death Jam and Intel Was Wrong

Procedural Death Jam in which I was participating is coming to an end. My PDJ entry is called Intel Was Wrong.
Features of the game:
- procedural generated galaxy map (including planetary systems around each star);
- lots of random events sometimes good and sometimes bad;
- funny aliens;
- space and ground combat;
- loot collecting;
- permadeath (and lots of ways to die including exploding stars!).
There were much more ideas but unfortunately there wasn't much time :P Eventually if people would like this game I'll keep updating it frequently adding new features or changing old ones (due to the players' feedback).
I hope that you'll like it.

29/11/13: One Fine Day v.1.2

One Fine Day is updated to version 1.2! This is a major update with new levels you were waiting for!
- added 10 new levels;
- new type of enemy - Ancient Giant;
- new threat - Eclipse;
- added loading bar on start screen;
- blue fireflies were resized;
- bunch of minor bugs fixed.

30/10/13: Site improvement - rating system

Do you like to rate the games you've played? You can rate any game on the site from now on! Don't hesitate and tell everyone which of my games is pure 1337!
PS: this feature is powered by Rating-Widget.

29/10/13: Site improvement - comments

Site is improving as I've promised. You have the ability to comment your favourite games from now on! Rating system is coming next.
PS: this feature is powered by HTML Comment Box.

28/10/13: Hello World!

Finally this day has come and Muzt Die Studios owns it's own website! Here you'll be able to find all information about my games, download (if game is for the desktop systems) or play them right in your browser!
This is my first website and it will improve as well as my games do. So, in nearby future I'm going to add rating system and comments.
Good luck and have fun!
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